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Order numbers and prices for registered mouthpieces

Below is an overview of mouthpieces we have already measured. The information will be updated regularly.

Average prices for different mouthpieces:

  • Soprano, alto metal, tenor metal, baritone metal   160.00 EUR
  • Alto plastic, tenor plastic, clarinet   180.00 EUR
  • Baritone plastic   200.00 EUR
  • Deviations are possible depending on the diameter “B”.

Tenor Saxophone
Brand Material Order no.
B&S Metal T-0063
B&S 230 Metal T-0074
Berg Larsen, size 115 M Metal T-0036
Berg Larsen, size D Plastic T-0042
Brilhart Tonalin Plastic T-0043
Britone Ebonit T-0019
Buescher Elkhart classic Plastic T-0051
Claude Lakey Jazz Plastic T-0073
Conn Comet Plastic T-0033
Conn Standart Plastic T-0039
Dukoff Metal T-0012
Fultone White plastic T-0048
Gottsu Sepia Tone Ebonit T-0094
Gottsu Sepia Tone VI Plastic T-0095
Gottsu Studio Plastic T-0093
Guardala Metal T-0013
Guardala Train Metal T-0078
Jacobson Andy Plastic T-0046
Le Bayle Plastic T-0041
Meyer Plastic T-0014
Otto Link Metal T-0006
Otto Link Florida Metal T-0099
Otto Link New York (alt) Metal T-0098
Otto Link Tone Edge Plastic T-0010
Penzel-Mueller NY Plastic T-0054
Ponzol Metal T-0112
Rascher Sigurd classic Plastic T-0050
Runyon White plastic T-0035
Schreiber Plastic T-0080
Selmer, size E Plastic T-0072
Selmer, size E Metal T-0118
Selmer, size S 90 Plastic T-0114
Selmer, altes Modell Plastic T-0026
Selmer, altes Modell Metal T-0045
Selmer Goldentone White plastic T-0047
Selmer Jazz Metal T-0038
Selmer Solist, altes Modell Plastic T-0040
Vandoren Metal T-0003
Vandoren V 16 Metal T-0044
Vandoren/Jumbo Plastic T-0001
Yaganagisava Plastic T-0088
Zadiak Acrylic glass T-0075
Zinner Metal T-0083
*Ajastone nicht lieferbar    
Baritone Saxophone
Brand Material Order no.
Berg Larsen Selekt Plastic B-0056
Berg Larsen Metal B-0060
Broadus Plastic B-0059
Dukoff Metal B-0076
Gottsu Sepia Tone Plastic B-0092
Lawton Metal B-0085
Otto Link Plastic B-0020
Ponzol Metal B-0009
Rico Royal Plastic B-0062
Runyon White plastic B-0100
Selmer Paris, size F Plastic B-0011
Selmer Paris, size C X Plastic B-0023
Vandoren Paris S Plastic B-0058
Yamaha Plastic B-0057
Bass Saxophone
Brand Material Order no.
Zinner Plastic Ba-0061